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An irresistible novel about food, desire, and the real-life love triangle between M.F.K. Fisher, her husband, and the man she left him for, the true love of her life
Los Angeles, 1934. Mary Frances is on the cusp of becoming M.F.K. Fisher—the writer whose artful personal essays about food created a genre. Young, restlessly married, and returning from her first sojourn in France, she is hungry, and not just for food: She begins writing to impress friend and neighbor Tim, who seems to understand her better than anyone. Mary Frances and her husband, Al, no longer share the things that once bound them together—a good glass of wine, a fine meal, their creative and passionate energy. After a night’s transgression, it’s only a matter of time before Mary Frances claims what she truly wants, plunging all three of them into a tangled triangle of affection that will have far-reaching effects on their families, their careers, and their lives. Set in California, France, and the Swiss Alps, The Arrangement is a sparkling, sensual, and completely enveloping story of love, passion, and a woman well ahead of her time, who had the courage to be—and to take—exactly who she wanted.

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"Stellar... It’s a treat to find such a beautifully written treatment of love in its different forms amid M.F.K. Fisher’s tale of unlikely success." 
—Publisher's Weekly, starred review

“I devoured and loved every word of Ashley Warlick’s audacious imagining of MFK Fisher’s great love affair. In her hands, Mary Frances becomes a great fictional character in her own right. This is a nuanced and vivid portrait of a passionate, mysteriously self-contained woman whose appetites define her and make her the brilliant writer she becomes in the course of this novel. The Arrangement is a powerful, enthralling, delectable thrill.”
—Kate Christensen, author of The Great Man  

“The Arrangement gives vivid voice to the complicated, fascinating, rule-breaking M.F.K. Fisher. Ashley Warlick’s confident and lyrical prose brings the famous food writer’s world—from California to France to Switzerland; from her family to her husband to her lover—to life in sensual and deliciously literary detail. When I finished reading, I wanted to turn back to page one and start all over again.”
—Meg Waite Clayton, author of The Race for Paris  

“A sophisticated and unapologetic tale of wayward desire that I read far too long into the night, worrying about how MFK Fisher could possibly solve her excruciating dilemma—a dilemma that is at once impossible, seductive, and heartbreaking.”
—Robin Oliveira, author of My Name is Mary Sutter


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